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 PS #  Topic  Title  Authors
PS1-001Elementary processes and fundamental dataEffective ionization coefficient in nitrogen-oxygen mixturesSergey Pancheshnyi
PS1-002Elementary processes and fundamental dataReevaluation of the photoionization produced by discharges in N2-O2 mixturesSergey Pancheshnyi
PS1-003Elementary processes and fundamental dataTernary Recombination Processes in Low Temperature Afterglow PlasmaP. Rubovic, P. Dohnal, M. Hejduk, R. Plasil, J. Glosik
PS1-004Elementary processes and fundamental dataIonization cross sections and rate coefficients for CF2Cl2 molecule by electron impact Satyendra Pal, Neeraj Kumar
PS1-005Elementary processes and fundamental dataChemistry in low pressure glow discharges. Surface and ion processesI. Tanarro, V. J. Herrero, M. Jiménez-Redondo
PS1-006Elementary processes and fundamental dataChemistry in glow discharges of H2 / O2 mixtures. Diagnostics and modelling.E. Carrasco(1,2), M. Jiménez-Redondo(1), V. J. Herrero(1) and I. Tanarro(1)
PS1-007Elementary processes and fundamental dataInfluence of electron-ion collisions on development of Buneman instabilityE.V.Rostomyan
PS1-008Elementary processes and fundamental dataSpin dependent collisions between metastable helium and ground state alkali atoms in gas dischargeV.A.Kartoshkin, S.P.Dmitriev, N.A.Dovator, G.V.Klementiev
PS1-009Elementary processes and fundamental dataCoulomb logarithm and stopping power of ions in a partially ionized hydrogen plasmaS.K. Kodanova, T.S. Ramazanov, M.K. Issanova
PS1-010Elementary processes and fundamental dataParticle beam experiments to characterize plasma-surface interactionsCarles Corbella, Simon Grosse-Kreul, Oliver Kreiter, Teresa de los Arcos, Achim von Keudell
PS1-011Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaWarm dense matter, formed by compressed nitrogen to megabar pressuresV. S. Vorobev*, A.S.Grushin**, V. G. Novikov**
PS1-012Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaComposition and Thermodynamic Properties of H-He PlasmaM.T. Gabdullin, T.S.Ramazanov, T.N. Ismagambetova, G.B. Akhtanova
PS1-013Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsCategorical statements about the Plasma-Sheath Structure R. N. Franklin
PS1-014Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsElectric Propulsion plasma thrusters for European Space Agency (ESA)MissionsJose Gonzalez
PS1-015Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsKinetic computational model of explosive emission center initiation by interaction of dense plasma with microprotrusionD. L. Shmelev, S. A. Barengolts
PS1-016Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsMicro-PropulsionManuel Martínez-Sánchez
PS1-017Collective and nonlinear phenomenaProton stopping in CH2 and LiH plasmasD. Casas, M. D. Barriga-Carrasco, J. Rubio, R. Morales
PS1-018Collective and nonlinear phenomenaEffects of bound electrons on the slowing down of deuterons in plasmasJ. Rubio, D. Casas y M.D. Barriga-Carrasco
PS1-019Collective and nonlinear phenomenaThe essence of the phenomenon of the positive column plasma constriction in low-pressure noble gas d.c. discharges. Part 1: static ionization equilibriumKurbatov P.F.
PS1-020Collective and nonlinear phenomenaThe essence of the phenomenon of the positive column plasma constriction in low-pressure noble gas d.c. discharges. Part 2: dynamic ionization equilibriumKurbatov P.F.
PS1-021Collective and nonlinear phenomenaOn the ion front of a freely expanding plasmaM. Perego and J.E.Allen
PS1-022Modeling and simulation techniquesContour dynamics model for electric dischargesManuel Arrayás
PS1-023Modeling and simulation techniquesSimulation of the Electronegative Plasma Sheath in Magnetic FieldT. Ibehej, R. Hrach
PS1-024Modeling and simulation techniquesA hybrid 2D/3D model of low-pressure hydrogen plasma in a linear antenna microwave device for nanocrystalline diamond synthesisA. Obrusnik, Z. Bonaventura, S. Potocky, A. Kromka
PS1-025Modeling and simulation techniquesSimulations of gas dynamics and plasma in an Ar/H2 atmospheric-pressure microwave plasma torchA. Obrusnik, P. Synek, L. Zajickova
PS1-026Modeling and simulation techniquesChemical kinetics of H2/CH4/B2H6 plasmas used for boron doping during diamond MW-PACVDR. Salem, C. Rond, N. Derkaoui, F. Benedic, A. Michau, K. Hassouni, A.Gicquel
PS1-027Modeling and simulation techniquesModelling atmospheric pressure dischargesG.V. Naidis
PS1-028Modeling and simulation techniquesElectrodynamic properties of dense semiclassical plasma by molecular dynamics simulation T.S. Ramazanov, Zh.A. Moldabekov
PS1-029Modeling and simulation techniquesFluid Modeling of Microwave Plasma CharacteristicsM. El Haim, M. El Hammouti, M. Atounti, H. Chatei, M. El Bojaddaini
PS1-030Modeling and simulation techniquesElectron Drift in mixture of Ar-He in DC glow dischargeN.Kh. Bastykova, S.K. Kodanova, T.S. Ramazanov, S.A. Mayorov
PS1-031Plasma diagnostic methodsDiagnostics of Sulphur Plasma Using Laser Induced Breakdown SpectroscopyM. Hanif ; M. Salik ; M. A. Baig
PS1-032Plasma diagnostic methodsRadial distribution of radiative states in a N2 and N2-H2 RF afterglowsA.Ricard and Soo-ghee Oh
PS1-033Plasma diagnostic methodsSpatially and temporally resolved species profiles in nonequilibrium plasma jetsA. Nikiforov1, 2, L. Li1, Q. Xiong1, 3, N. Britun4, R. Snyders4, 5, X. Lu3 and C. Leys1
PS1-034Plasma diagnostic methodsDual-polarization interferometry: new way of plasma density diagnostic in stellarator/torsatron devicesD.L. Grekov, K.K.Tretiak, V.L. Berezhnyj, V.V. Filippov
PS1-035Plasma diagnostic methodsIon Energy Distribution Functions and Ion Flux in pulsed ICP plasmasM. Brihoum1, G. Cunge1, M. Darnon1, N. Braithwate2, D. Gahan3, O. Joubert1
PS1-036Plasma diagnostic methodsRotational temperatures in RF plasma of Ar-H2O mixtures at low and moderated pressureA. Annusova, J. Kristof, C. Foissac, P. Veis and P. Supiot
PS1-037Plasma diagnostic methodsLaser induced plasma spectroscopy of geological samples with different homogeneityM. Horòáèková, J. Plavèan, Z. Grolmusová, P. Koneèný, I. Holický, P. Veis
PS1-038Plasma diagnostic methodsRotational and vibrational temperatures of radicals in N2 - acrylic acid atmospheric pressure plasma jet.A.Ricard1 , O. Carton2 , D. Ben Salem2, J. Pulpytel2 and F.Arefi-Khonsari2
PS1-039Plasma diagnostic methodsA complex method to analyze dielectric barrier surface discharge in airM. Sokolova, A. Mitin, J. Nosova
PS1-040Plasma diagnostic methodsPulsed hollow cathode discharge, a convenient light source for absorption spectroscopy with temporal resolutionA. Surmeian1P, UA.Groza1P, C. Diplasu1, C. AtanasiuP1P, A.Popescu2, D.Savastru2, M.Ganciu1
PS1-041Plasma diagnostic methodsProbing the ignition phase of pulsed plasmas using simple plasma sensing techniquesZ. el Otell, M. D. Bowden, N. St. J. Braithwaite
PS1-042Plasma diagnostic methodsDiagnostic of Positive and Negative Ion Species in Low Pressure PlasmasM. V. Lucena-Polonio, J. M. Díaz-Cabrera, A. Tejero-del-Caz, J. I. Fernández Palop, R. Morales Crespo, M. A. Hernández, and J. Ballesteros
PS1-043Plasma diagnostic methodsStructure of cutting arc examined by Fourier transform and generalized correlation dimensionJ. Gruber, J. Hlína, J. Šonský
PS1-044Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasBall lightning as extremal existence form of matter in NatureA.G.Oreshko
PS1-045Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasResponse of the atmosphere due to influence of strong shock wavesA. R. Aramyan, S. A. Aramyan, and S. G. Bilén
PS1-046Low pressure plasmasDiffuse discharge generated by runaway electron beam in pulsed-periodic modeM. Erofeev, E. Baksht, V. Tarasenko
PS1-047Low pressure plasmasPlasma lens for focusing intense negative charged particle beamsA. Goncharov, A. Dobrovolskiy, I. Litovko, V. Gushenets, E. Oks
PS1-048Low pressure plasmasArgon metastable densities in low pressure Ar-N2 inductively coupled plasmas: experimental determination and simplified theoretical calculations J. Muñoz (1,2), J. Margot (1), M. Chaker (3)
PS1-049Low pressure plasmasProbe studies into axial structure of hollow cathode dc discharge in different burning modes V.A. Lisovskiy I.A. Bogodielnyi V.D. Yegorenkov
PS1-050Low pressure plasmasLarge area plasmasCh,Hollenstein, P.Guittienne, A.A. Howling
PS1-051High frequency dischargesSlot-Excited Antenna Long Racetrack ECR Plasma Source for Roll-to-Roll (scanning) Processing Hyun Jong You
PS1-052High frequency dischargesControlling the oxygen species density distribution in the flowing afterglow of an O2 surface-wave microwave dischargeK. Kutasi, R. Zaplotnik, G. Primc, M. Mozetic
PS1-053High frequency dischargesControl of plasma profile in microwave discharges by using a segmented slot antenna driven by two magnetronsY. Yasaka, N. Tobita, K. Kobayashi, R. Taniguchi, S. Sakurai, H. Takeno
PS1-054High frequency dischargesExperiments and modelling in N2-H2 capacitively coupled radio-frequency discharges at low pressureL. Marques, A. Mahjoub, C.D. Pintassilgo, N. Carrasco, G. Cernogora, L.L. Alves
PS1-055High frequency dischargesGeometrical skin in planar-coil driven inductive dischargesKh. Tarnev1, A. Demerdzhiev2, St. Lishev2, A. Shivarova2
PS1-056High frequency dischargesFluid modelling analysis of the electron energy budget in alpha and gamma mode of low-pressure oxygen ccrf plasmasI. Sheykin, M. M. Becker, D. Loffhagen
PS1-057Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresFluid modelling of a packed bed plasma reactorM. Zaka-ul-Islam1,2, K. Van Laer2, A. Bogaerts2
PS1-058Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresDeveloping two-peak mode of the dielectric barrier discharges in Xe-Cl2 mixtures Avtaeva S
PS1-059Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresPIC Simulation of Microscale Breakdown in Gaps having a Non-Uniform Background Neutral Gas DensityC.H. Moore, M.M. Hopkins, J.J. Boerner, P.S. Crozier, L.C. Musson, R.B. Campbell
PS1-060Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresInvestigation of ozone yield of air fed ozonizer by high pressure homogeneous dielectric barrier dischargeN. Osawa, Y. Yoshioka, R. Hanaoka
PS1-061Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresDC Breakdown in gases for complex geometries from high vacuum to atmospheric pressureR. Schnyder, A. A. Howling, D. Bommottet and Ch. Hollenstein
PS1-062Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSynthesis of novel nanomaterials using supercritical fluid plasmaK.Terashima, S.Stauss, and K.Urabe
PS1-063Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresGas-confined Barrier Discharges: filament dynamics across very steep temperature gradientsC. Guerra-Garcia and M. Martinez-Sanchez
PS1-064Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresThe application of atmospheric plasma jet for degradation of toxic phorbol estersH. Matsuura, S. Kongmany, M. Furuta, K. Imamura, Y. Maeda, S. Okuda
PS1-065Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresExperimental study of long streamers characteristics in atmospheric air under positive impulse voltageShe Chen, Rong Zeng, Chijie Zhuang, Xuan Zhou
PS1-066Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresDynamics of a wire-to-cylinder air atmospheric discharge generated under a very high and non-uniform electric fieldA. Chollet, S. Pasquiers, P. Jeanney, P.Tardiveau, P. Désesquelles
PS1-067Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresInvestigation of the Inception Cloud of Positive Streamers in AirL. Heijmans, S. Nijdam, E. van Veldhuizen and U. Ebert
PS1-068Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresInvestigation of positive streamers by double pulse experimentsS. Nijdam and E Takahashi
PS1-069Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresIn uence of preionization on the reignition of an atmospheric pressure air discharge behind a dielectric plane obstacleF. Pechereau, A. Bourdon
PS1-070Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresMeasurement of OH Radicals in Non Thermal Plasma Driven by Nanoseconds Pulsed Power Generator I. Yagi, Y. Nakagawa, R. Ono, T. Oda and K. Takaki
PS1-071Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresStreamer induced in RF plasmas by KrF-laser irradiationE. Takahashi, K. Kojima, S. Sasaki, Y. Kishimoto
PS1-072Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresInfluence of a plasma jet on the hydrodynamics of a helium jetM. Foletto (1), C. Douat (2), J. Fontane (3), L. Joly (3), L. Pitchford (1), V. Puech(2)
PS1-073Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresNon-equilibrium vibrational kinetics and electron energy distribution functions in nitrogen-containing ns pulsed discharges and \mu s postdischargesM. Capitelli, R. Celiberto, G. Colonna, V. Laporta and J. Tennyson
PS1-074Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresKinetic Studies of Plasma Chemical Fuel Oxidation in Nanosecond Pulsed Discharges by Single and Two Photon Laser Induced Fluorescence Zhiyao Yin, Aaron Montello, Sherrie Bowman, Campbell D. Carter, Igor V. Adamovich, Walter R. Lempert
PS1-075Thermal plasmasSpectroscopic investigations of electric arc plasma with additions of copper and molybdenumA. Veklich, A. Lebid, T. Tmenova, V. Boretskij
PS1-076Thermal plasmasCO2-Dissociation by means of microwave plasma for midterm energy storage and solar fuels productionM. Leins1, J. Kopecki1, W. Bongers2, A. Goede2, M. Graswinckel2, A. Schulz1, M. Walker1, R. van de Sanden2, T. Hirth1
PS1-077Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasNonlocal effects in the excitation of ion-cyclotron waves in a magnetized two-ion component Plasma cylinderJyotsna Sharma1, Suresh C. Sharma2 and V.K.Jain1
PS1-078Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasMacroparticle charging and screening in weakly ionized plasma with magnetized electronsA.I. Momot, A.G. Zagorodny
PS1-079Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasKELVIN-HELMHOLTZ INSTABILITY IN DUSTY PLASMA WITH SHEARED MAGNETIC FIELD Nagendra Kumar,Vinod Kumar, Anil Kumar
PS1-080Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasExpansion of a dust particle cloudT. Antonova1), C.-R. Du1), A. Ivlev1), B. M. Annaratone†, L.-J. Hou1), R. Kompaneets2), H. M. Thomas1), G. E. Morfill1)
PS1-081Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasDifferences between the growth of tungsten and carbon nanoparticles in sputtering DC discharges Kishor Kumar KPP, L. Couëdel P and C. Arnas
PS1-082Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasParticle nucleation and growth in a DC dischargeA. Michau, G. Lombardi, X. Bonnin, C. Arnas, K. Hassouni
PS1-083Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasStructure of small dust clusters in parabolic traps: the 2D to 3D transition L. Dyachkov, M. Myasnikov, O. Petrov, V. Fortov
PS1-084Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasThe motion of dust grains in a weakly ionized plasma on short time intervalsV. Fortov, O. Petrov, O. Vaulina, X. Koss
PS1-085Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesEffect of Oxidative Doping on Conducting Polymer Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed DC Plasma Process Tapan Barman and Arup R. Pal
PS1-086Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesInfluence of radiofrequency plasma discharge on muga silk (Antheraea assamensis) surface and its Antibacterial propertiesJ. Chutia, D. Gogoi
PS1-087Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesStudy on slightly reduced TiO2 photocatalysts by means of H2-plasma surface tratmentS. Kogoshi1, T. Takeuchi1, S. Araki1, H. Araya1, S. Yazawa2, N. Katayama1, Y. Kudo2
PS1-088Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesInvestigations on the role of negatively charged ions in a plasma on the growth and field emission properties of spherical tip placed over cylindrical carbon nanotube (CNT) surfacesAarti Tewari and Suresh C. Sharma
PS1-089Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesTheoritical investigations on the effect of plasma parameters on the growth and field emission properties of spherical tip placed over cylindrical carbon nanotube (CNT) surfacesSuresh C. Sharma and Aarti Tewari
PS1-090Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesDeposition and Properties of Ag/a-C:H:O Nanocomposites on Textile Fibers for Sensor ApplicationsM. Drabik1, N. Vogel-Schäuble2, H. Biederman3, and D. Hegemann1
PS1-091Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesWear properties of PTFE and C3F6 coated stainless steel in atmospheric and low pressure RF plasmaH. Varol Özkavak1, E. Teke2, C. Kurbanoğlu3,L. Öksüz2,F. Bozduman2 , A. M. Hala4
PS1-092Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesOptical characterisation of plasma micro-discharges during Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation on MagnesiumA.Nominé, J.Martin, C.Noël, I.V Bardin, V.L Kovalev, T. Belmonte, A.G Rakoch, G. Henrion
PS1-093Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesA nitrogen DC plasma jet and its application for thin films depositionX. Deng, A. Nikiforov, N. Geyter, R. Morent and C. Leys
PS1-094High pressure and thermal plasma processingPlasma fuel nozzles for combustion application S. Serbin and I. Matveev
PS1-095Plasma lamps and radiation sourcesObservation of Mn K x-ray satellite spectrum induced by photonsShatendra Sharma
PS1-096Plasma lamps and radiation sourcesRadiative efficiency of the dielectric barrier discharges in Xe-Cl2 mixtures S. Avtaeva, B. Saghi
PS1-097Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsEffects of Low Temperature Plasma on Two Eukaryotic Cell Lines: Epithelial Cells and Prostate Cancer CellsMounir Laroussi and Nazir Barekzi
PS1-098Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsInfluence of surface gas discharge in magnetic field under aerodynamic characteristics of supersonic flow around wingT. Lapushkina, A. Erofeev, S. Poniaev
PS1-099Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsStudy of the influence of the operational conditions on ethanol reforming by a TIAGO plasma torchR. Rincón , M. Jiménez, J. Muñoz, A. Marinas, M. Sáez, M.D. Calzada
PS1-100Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsHydrogen production from ethanol decomposition by TIAGO torch dischargeR. Rincón , J. Muñoz , M. Jiménez , A. Marinas, M. Sáez, M.D. Calzada
PS1-101Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsEffects of helium atmospheric pressure plasma jet on the BSA structure and thermal induced aggregationR. Jijie, A. Demeter, V. Pohoata, I. Topala
PS1-102Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsIgnition of acetylene-containing mixtures by high-voltage nanosecon dischargeNikolay Aleksandrov
PS1-103Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsKinetics of low-temperature plasmas for plasma assisted combustion and aerodynamics Nikolay Aleksandrov
PS1-104Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsPlasma-assisted conversion of carbon dioxide to methane by low-pressure pulse dischargesKeisuke Arita, Satoru Iizuka
PS1-105Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsMicrowave ´tornado´- type plasma applied for hydrogen productionN. Bundaleska, D. Tsyganov, R. Saavedra, E. Tatarova, F.M. Dias and C.M. Ferreira
PS1-106Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsCustomizing Plasma Jets for Treatment of Dry and Liquid Covered TissuesWei Tian, Seth Norberg, Natalia Yu. Babaeva, Mark J. Kushner
PS1-107Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesGeneration of converging strong shock waves using underwater electrical explosion of wire arraysYa. E. Krasik, S. Efimov, O. Antonov, D. Shafer, D. Yanuka and V. Tz. Gurovich
PS1-108Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesHigh-current carbon-epoxy capillaryT. Queller, J. Z. Gleizer, Ya. E. Krasik, and V. Bernshtam
PS1-109Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesOn the kinetic theory of a double electrical sheath in a transverse magnetic fieldShumilin N.V., Shumilin V.P., Shumilin A.V.
PS1-110Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesLow energy ion beam propagation in own gasShumilin A.V., Shumilin V.P., Shumilin N.V.
PS1-111Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesResistivity of the current channel in conduction phase of plasma opening switchSergey V. Loginov
PS1-112Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesNew Source of Energetic Negative Ion and Neutral Atom BeamsF. Abicht1, R. Prasad2, G. Priebe1, J. Braenzel1, L. Ehrentraut1, A. Andreev1,3, P.V. Nickles4, M. Schnürer1, V. Tikhonchuk5 and S. Ter-Avetisyan6
PS1-113Elementary processes and fundamental dataModelling of Vibration-Electronic (V-E) Transitions by Heavy-Particle Collision ImpactM. Lino da Silva and J. Loureiro
PS1-114Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaCrystal Growth Phenomenon on Corona discharge in air with liquid metal as passive electrode: Electrical and Spectroscopical AnalysisM.Nur1*, M.Z. Arifin1, L. Tambunan1, Z. Muchlisin1, P. Tryadiyaksa1, C. Anam1, and Kusminarto2
PS1-115Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsSimulating streamers near dielectric surfacesA. Dubinova, J. Teunissen, U. Ebert
PS1-116Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsField to thermo-field to thermionic electron emission: a practical guide to evaluation, effect on arc cathodesM. S. Benilov and L. G. Benilova
PS1-117Collective and nonlinear phenomenaTheoretical model of quantum nano-sized plasma structuresMaxim Dvornikov
PS1-118Collective and nonlinear phenomenaBi - Dust Solitary WavesJ. Puerta, P. Martin, F. Blanco
PS1-119Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsMeasurement of O and OH radicals produced by an atmospheric-pressure helium plasma jet nearby the surfacesS. Yonemori, R. Ono, T. Oda
PS1-120Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaCalculation of the viscosity for two-component gas mixturesS. Nguyen-Kuok, Yu. Malakhov, I. Korotkich
PS1-121Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaCalculation of diffusion, thermal diffusion, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity for argon plasmaS. Nguyen-Kuok, Yu. Malakhov, I. Korotkich
PS1-122Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasModelling sprites and blue jets in the lab through the discharge of a dielectricA. Robledo-Martinez, UG. Palacios, A. Vera, H. M. Sobral

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