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Yuri Akishev, Russia
Bio-decontamination with plasmas

Luis Alves, Portugal
Microwave-driven plasmas in hollow-core photonic crystal fibers

Manuel Arrayás, Spain
Modelling streamers dynamics

Arturo Robledo-Martínez, Mexico
Modelling sprites and blue jets in the lab through the discharge of a dielectric

Sergey Pancheshnyi, Switzerland
Modeling of avalanche development and corona inception near curved electrodes

Hong Young Chang, Korea
Plasma diagnostics using the novel probes and its application for the high density and large area plasma sources

Claudiu Costin, Romania
Charge transport in magnetrons

Sylvain Coulombe, Canada
Plasma based nanostructure synthesis

Mário Lino da Silva, Portugal
Modelling of vibration electronic (V-E) transitions by collision impact

Emilie Despiau-Pujo, France
Pulsed plasma processing

Richard Engeln, The Netherlands
Optical diagnostics for studying in-situ plasma-surface interactions

Alessandro De Giacomo, Italy
Laser induced plasmas: fundamental aspects and novel applications

Nao Itagaki, Japan
The epitaxial growth of ZnO for solar cell devices by controled sputtering and a novel plasma process

David Cameron, Finland
Plasma assisted atomic layer deposition

Petr Lukes, Czech Republic
Aqueous-phase chemistry and bactericidal effects from gaseous plasmas in contact with water

Stefan Matejcik, Slovakia
Ion mobility spectrometry – mass spectrometry Studies of ion processes in air at atmospheric pressure

Anton Nikiforov, Belgium
Spatially and temporally resolved species profiles in nonequilibrium plasma jets

Nevena Puac, Serbia
Diagnostics of HF discharges for biomedical applications

Chris Rennick, UK
Dissociative recombination and the decay of a molecular ultracold plasma

Masaya Shigeta, Japan
3D fluid dynamic modelling of RF plasmas

S. Ter-Avetisyan, Czech Republic
New Source of Energetic Negative Ion and Neutral Atom Beams

Tsanko Vaskov Tsankov, Germany
Three-body recombination in the argon afterglow: From low to high pressures

James Walsh, UK
The manipulation of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier jets

Dirk Wuenderlich, Germany
Modelling of negative ion sources: generation and extraction

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